A New Beginning…

The birth of GDC was quite literally a journey with many ups and downs. Spurred on by a bad job market and a series of unfortunate events, GDC came to be because it was realized that the need of the hour was holistic, international approaches to environmental and social problems. It got its name from the blog that Akhila Vijayaraghavan started two years ago to catalogue her green journey. After a stint with Greenpeace, Akhila worked for several SMEs gaining ground-up experience in sustainable business practices and then qualified as a CSR Practitioner. Then she discovered the great world of Twitter and GDC was conceptualized after several conversations with like-minded individuals in the sustainability field who went on to make up the core team.

The result: First of a kind, knowledge-share sustainability consultancy that harnesses the social media boom and pools in expertise from around the world.

Akhila has been mulling over GDC’s core business plan the past few months and it finally all came together this month. To put things succinctly, she envisioned a global network of environmental experts offering cutting edge services for businesses. GDC provides services which will establish a culture of sustainability from ground up by providing businesses with various environmentally sound solutions to maximize profitability. Our services include:

  • Consulting, report and CSR policy writing
  • Smart eco-business solutions for cost savings
  • Environmental services with strategic advice on climate change, biodiversity, waste management and pollution abatement
  • Stakeholder engagement and community development
  • Communication of environmental initiatives
  • Training and learning opportunities

GDC’s team of consultants include experts from Europe, US and India to bring truly global solutions to socio-enviro issues in the business context. Having a business strategy based on sustainable development sees great returns in terms of maximizing brand image, profitability and market share. At GDC we want to help tap into the true potential that every business has because we believe that ‘business as usual’ is on its way out.

So we are a revolution born out of social media and are out to revolutionarize the world of business. We don’t expect it to be easy or quick but when the job is done, we’ll be proud to say that we were among the first to start working on solutions. So see the world differently with us.