About Us

What we do? At Green Den Consultancy, we provide timely solutions to environmental and social problems. Services include sustainability consulting, CSR policy and report writing. After careful analysis of the market, sector, strategy, vision and values of your business, organization or project, we devise a targeted sustainability and CSR policy, strategy and implementation plan. We offer advice on sustainability initiatives and cost-saving solutions, and our ground-up approach with companies establishes a culture of sustainability by integrating HR, PR and marketing.
How we do it? Business strategies based on sustainable development achieve great profitability returns. At GDC, we want to tap into the true economic, social and environmental potential of your organization.

CSR is a voluntary action of a company to go beyond the bottom line of profit and expand focus on environmental sustainability and social equity. By expanding focus to this ‘triple bottom line,’ businesses expand their profitability and longevity.

A CSR analysis can start with five basic questions:

  • Is the organization making an effort to constantly improve and innovate?
  • How does the organization respond to internal and external problems?
  • How good is the organization’s sustainability profile?
  • To what degree is the organization transparent about its activities?
  • How does the organization engage its stakeholders?

After getting a basic understanding of those parameters, GDC offers strategic advice on how an organization can reduce its footprint in the areas of climate change, biodiversity, waste management, water and land conservation. Our implementation methods focus on where environmental performance can be streamlined in coordination with the supply chain, project efficiency and stakeholder needs.

In addition to implementation, we also advise on implementation stakeholder engagement and community development, equally important parts of sustainability and CSR projects. GDC will also help in launching effective tools for communication and marketing of environmental initiatives, best practices and CSR policy.
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