Calling All Green Business Entrepreneurs: Get Free Business Lessons for at GBESS Virtual Event

Are you a green business owner or social entrepreneur who believes you can make a positive impact in the world without going broke? Have you always longed to start a sustainable business, but you are not quite sure how to do it, or don’t know what you want to sell?

Whether you are an aspiring social entrepreneur or already have a sustainable business you want to take to the next level, you will get valuable information just by attending this FREE virtual event series.

The Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit

The Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit is a FREE virtual, week long, alternative Green MBA, featuring the visionary leaders who are DEFINING the green economy and ethical marketplace, plus marketing gurus who will help you take your business to the next level.

Here are the details: April 16-20 Earth Week 2012

To get access to the calls, please register:

This is a FREE Event brought to you by Green Marketing TV

Who Should Attend

  • Established green business owners and green business professionals
  • Mission driven entrepreneurs who believe in sustainability
  • Green marketers & green product designers
  • Forward thinking intrapraneurs driving corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Early stage green startup entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring green and social entrepreneurs researching innovative business ideas
  • Changemakers seeking to unite purpose, passion and profit

What You Will Learn

  • Evaluating the Marketplace & Identifying Your Niche
  • Developing Your Visionary Business Idea
  • Raising Capital Through Business Plan Competitions, Crowdfunding & VC Investment
  • Growing Your Business Without Going Crazy
  • Marketing Your Business on a Bootstrap Budget

Panel Topics

Monday April 16 | Track 1 – The Growth of the Green Economy & Ethical Markets:

  • What Will It Take to Co-Create a Green Economy?
  • The Greening of Mainstream Business In Non-Green Markets
  • Ways Sustainable Business is Going Global & Improving Social Conditions
  • Hottest Opportunities in the $290 billion US LOHAS Market
  • Making Green Sexy: Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Small Green Businesses

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Tuesday April 17 | Track 2 – From Visionary Business Idea…

  • Keys to Manifesting Entrepreneurial Success Using the Law of Attraction
  • Hacking Social Enterprise Business Plan Competitions
  • How to Attract VC Investors to Fund Your Social Enterprise
  • Who’s Funding What in the Social Capital Market Place
  • The Art of Defining Your Niche & Attracting Your Perfect Fit Clients
  • How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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Wednesday April 18 | Track 3 – …To Thriving Green Enterprise:

  • The New Rules of Green Marketing: What Green Entrepreneurs Need to Know Now
  • Small Companies Creating Cool Green Products
  • How to Power Network Your Way to a More Sustainable World
  • Online Productivity Tools Every Small Business Should Know About
  • Innovative Social Entrepreneurs Who Are Creating Scalable Solutions – And How You Can Be One Too

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Thursday April 19 | Track 4 – Grow Your Good Business With Social Media Marketing

  • Your Small Business Social Media Command Central
  • Cracking the Code to Profitable Social Media Marketing As a Small Business
  • Your Social Media Launch BluePrint & Advanced Strategies for Savvy Marketers
  • Facebook – From Social Time Suck to Lead Generation Machine
  • What it Takes to Build a 6 Figure Business For Good Blogging Empire
  • From Green Blog to Green Business – Creative Blog Monetization Strategies

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Friday April 20 | Track 5 – Bootstrap Internet Marketing for Green & Socially Responsible Business

  • Creating Your First Small Business Website on a Bootstrap Budget
  • WordPress SEO Strategies for Time Strapped Small Businesses
  • The Art of Turning Website Visitors Into Adoring Customers
  • Why Local SEO Matters for Your Small Green Business
  • Grow Your Sustainable Business with Green Affiliate Marketing

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Speakers include:

Marcos Cordero, CEO of the Green Business Bureau;

Steven Hoffman, Co-Founder of the LOHAS Journal & LOHAS Forum;

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, CEO & Founder of Sustainable Life Media & Sustainable Brands Conference;

Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director Green America & Green Festivals;

Shel Horowitz, Author of Guerilla Marketing Goes Green;

Bob Doyle, CEO of Boundless Living & Wealth Beyond Reason;

Morgan Morris, Co-Founder of Inspire Green Inc;

Tyler Gage, Co-Founder of Runa Amazon Guayusa Tea Company;

Kevin Jones, Co-Founder of the SOCAP Conference & Good Capital;

Tad Hargrave, Founder of Marketing for Hippies;

Scott Cooney, Founder of;

Jacquie Ottman, Author of The New Rules of Green Marketing;

Elena Christopoulos, Executive Director of the Green Chamber of Commerce;

Nikki Pava, Co-Founder of EcoTuesday & Founder of Alegria Partners;

Lorna Li, Founder of Green Marketing TV & Host of the Entrepreneurs for a Change Podcast;

Katrina Heppler, Founder of;

Cory Smith, CEO of The Hub Bay Area, Hub Ventures, & SOCAP Conference;

JD Lasica, Founder of &;

George Kao, Holistic Marketing Coach;

Nick Aster, Founder Triple Pundit, Co-Founder TreeHugger;

Joost de Valk, Founder & Creator of WordPress SEO Plugin;

Rich Brooks, President Flyte New Media;

David Mihm, Co-Founder of & Local SEO Consultant;

Warren Fligg, Founder Performance-Based Green Affiliate Network;

Kate Harrison, Founder of the Green Bride Guide.

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About Green Marketing TV

The Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit is brought to you by Green Marketing TV, a business blog for green and social entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs who care about people, profits, and the planet.

Our mission is to provide socially responsible entrepreneurs with marketing strategies, tips and tools that help them grow their small to medium sized businesses. We offer insightful entrepreneur interviews, news coverage of inspiring organizations, actionable marketing advice, and useful guides on how to start and grow a triple bottom line business, without going crazy.


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